Make no bones about it, Joe must go!

It’s not a question of due process, in light of recent grand jury findings in regards to the alleged actions of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, it’s time for an administrative overhaul on the campus of Penn State University. Call it a fire sale, call it a house cleaning, or call it whatever you’d like, but everyone associated with what amounts to the most humanly irresponsible act in the history of collegiate athletics must go.

By now you know the story, so we can spare each other the disturbingly sordid details of Sandusky’s alleged transgressions. At the end of the day, Sandusky will get his day in court, but Joe Paterno and everyone else involved in the mishandling of this situation should be on the chopping block immediately.

You may think it’s unfair that Sandusky should be afforded the luxury of a trial, but that is his right by law. Unfortunately for Paterno and everyone else who were made aware of the simple possibility of wrongdoing by Sandusky, they do not and should not be afforded that luxury. Their responsibility as people were to report the accusations to the proper authorities, regardless of whether or not they deemed them valid.

Paterno and the Penn State administration’s failure to do exactly that when they were made aware of Sandusky’s allegedly lewd contact was a failure as a state employee, but more importantly a failure as human beings.

We’re not talking about a customer service complaint, and this isn’t something that you move up the chain of command so that you can avoid concerning yourself with it. This is the potential safety of a child you are talking about. Penn State failed the citizens of their state, they failed their students, they’ve failed their employees, but most importantly they’ve failed any young person whose lives were affected by this.

What Sandusky did, if true is the act of an absolutely despicable individual, and one that should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. What Paterno and everyone else who were privy to what graduate assistant Mike McQueary saw (including McQueary) might not have been as overtly heinous, but it should not be forgotten.

Simply put, Joe must go, and this should be a lesson to everyone that we owe it to ourselves and to our children to protect them from things like this.



About Ryan Wooden

Told people I was a sportswriter enough times for it to become true. Contributor at, correspondent for the Morris Daily Herald, general freelancer and all-around idiot.
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